Muslim Action Committee

Thursday, May 04, 2006

MAC would like to retract the accusations made in the last post against the organisers of the March for Free Expression and the Oxford Secular Society. Although there was circumstantial evidence that suggested that the debate had been rigged, on investigation it turned out we were wrong. I travelled with an Imam from MAC to Oxford last night to listen to Peter Risdon's talk. There was a small attendance of perhaps 12 people. It was very clear that our suspicions were misfounded.
We would like to apologise to all concerned for our hasty accusations. We would however like to advise both the MfFe and OSS to organise their events with a little more professionalism, as this will increase confidence of participants in any further debates.
In all these things, something good always emerges and we had the opportunity to talk to Peter Risdon face to face about many of the issues and we believe both sides managed to get a better appreciation of the concerns and feelings of the other. InshaAllah we hope that this dialogue will continue.

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