Muslim Action Committee

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Following MAC's successes recently in preventing extremists rallying in large numbers at the March for Free Expression (see posts below), the MAC is moving ever foward.
A meeting between leaders of the MAC and the PCC board is due in the next week or so, which will act as a preliminary meeting before meeting with the board that deals with amending the code.
Also a debate is being set up by the Oxford Secular Society between us and the organisers of the March for Free Expression for the first week of May, Allah willing. Hopefully this will be the first of many.
We're getting a lot of feedback asking how people can donate, Allah willing there will be an announcement on this blog in the next couple of days about this.Please keep up your support, more organisations have written to us giving their support in the last week and they will soon be updated on our supporters list.
We'd like to thank all those people who wrote into the GLA and the Metropolitan police and the IHRC team for organising the campaign material at such short notice.

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