Muslim Action Committee

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Latest Updates:

Allah Willing leading members of the MAC will be meeting with representatives of the PCC committee next week and the PCC code committee will be considering our proposed amendments to the code. Please continue to send letters supporting our proposals to the PCC in the coming week.

The debate chaired by the Oxford Secular Society has been pencilled in for the 3rd May, venue still to be confirmed. The agreed motion is:
"The House proposes that the right of Freedom of Speech be regulated by the Proclamation of Global Civility"

We've decided to turn the comments off as I can no longer dedicate the time to ongoing public debates, especially with people who are not interested in true dialogue or understanding but just in polemical showboating. If anyone sincerley wishes to comment, discuss or debate any of the posts they can contact me via the global civility email address.

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