Muslim Action Committee

Thursday, March 23, 2006

MAC calls on GLA and the Met to prevent demonstrators from bringing Islamophobic placards and t-shirts.
Many demonstrators going to the March for Free Expression are still planning to bring Islamophonic placards and t-shirts with the Danish cartoons and other anti-Islamic abuse.

MAC calls on the GLA and the Metropolitan police to prevent any demonstrators from displaying these images on Saturday in Trafalgar Saquare. MAC leaders fear there will be a disturbance of the peace if this does not happen.

MAC commends the IHRC team, one of our key supporters for working so hard and so quickly to orchestrate a campaign of letter writing which has already contributed to pressure being exerted on the GLA and the Metropolitan police.

We now urge all MAC supporters to continue to write letters to the GLA and the metropolitan police to call upon them to avert a crisis in community relations.

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