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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The latest discussion at the March for Free Expression featured this:

alex said...
Oh why oh why aren't we as organized as that Global Civility lot? Such a shame. One look at their website shows a well presented argument, with information on British laws, values, and other things, which really do put our march to shame in comparison. And, all the banners they have made too. I fear we could be eclipsed (all the more reason to march). I am going anyway, but it's such a shame that our march isn't anywhere near as articulate and well thought out really.
2:02 AM

and later:

I simply have concerns, and those are that those other folks seem to be much better organized and united on what they are marching for, whereas most of us seem to have very different ideas what we are marching for, and there are reports of alliance with right wing groups on ours. Reports are that Right Wing donators are part of our march, and that concerns me. Sure, we cannot sift through and check out each person joining a march. But that does concern me and I don't want to be associated with them. Part of me wants to go, to challenge the nationwide marches of this Global civility group. Yet, I still want to know more about who is organizing our march, and what the clear goals are. That's why I had to admire the pre-planning of that other group.

And now a full expose of this group of proponants of free speech:

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