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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The Muslim Action Committee, a faith based coalition of over 700 Mosques and Imams strongly deplore the honoring of Salman Rushdie. The Muslim Action Committee which led 50,000 Muslims in a mass demonstration February 2006 during the Danish Cartoons Crisis, are extremely disappointed in a government which has failed to uphold the principles of civility by honoring an author whose works have only contributed to division in British society. Rushdie has maliciously promoted stereotypes and has abused the name of the Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him.

MAC convenor Shaykh Faiz-ul-Aqtab Siddiqi said “To honor a man who continues to insult 1.25 billion Muslims worldwide with the continued publication of his vile book is to send a message to Muslims that their religious sensitivities are of no value or consequence. This does nothing to promote community cohesion and does everything to promote community tensions and resentment. Rushdie is an ill mannered character who lacks all the virtues traditionally associated with knighthood and it is a travesty of British values to honor him in this manner.

It is not the intrinsic nature of the honor which is the question here but rather it is deeply symbolic of antipathy and arrogance towards the Muslim world. At a time when the British government is attempting to promote the values of Britishness and integration, they are undermining their position by giving this title to a malicious individual who profits off the pain and insult given to Muslim sensibilities. This move will only fan the flames of radicalization and help to further alienate those on the fringes of our community.”

MAC calls upon the British government to:
Engage in responsible dialogue with the Muslim community before making such unhelpful decisions;
To withdraw the knighthood to Salman Rushdie;


For further information contact MAC on 07947218529

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