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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Forthcoming Debate with the Organisers of "The March for Free Expression"
The Freedom of Expression people still have not responded to our questions, insisting that we tell them whether we will send a speaker to their demonstration. We sent the following response:
I doubt very much that the demonstrators who will be coming to your march will be inclined to listen to our views, i believe that by coming out in support of your demo they are pretty much nailing their colours to the mast. I therefore think little will be accomplished by us sending you a speaker when we have 30 other odd locations on which to express our views that day.If however you are interested in engaging us in a debate in any other forum, for example a university, radio programme etc we would be more than willing to oblige in sending someone to challenge your views.Which of course comes back to what your views actually are, would you mind kindly answering our questions and a number 8 which was suggested to be today
8) Do you belive in the right to question the official record of the Holocaust?

Ismaeel-Haneef HijaziMuslim Action Committee

They responded with this:

OK, to summarise:I have offered you an opportunity to put your case to the free expression campaign, and you have refused.Instead, you have challenged me to a public debate, in a university debating chamber or on a radio programme.I accept.

And they posted this on their blog:

I will make the arrangements. The rest of this discussion can wait until then.I will of course approach the BBC and several university debating societies to see whether any are willing to offer a forum. As an aside, I can tell you that the list of seven questions above have been put to all the organisations listed in our sidebar. I have been copied into a couple of responses.

So inshaAllah we await the coming debate with eager anticipation.

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