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Friday, March 17, 2006

The March for Freedom of Expression is Targetted against Islam and Muslims

It seems we have upset the organisers of the March for Freedom of Expression through our press release, because Shaykh Faiz Siddiqi mentioned them as causing anger in the Muslim Community along with the BNP. They claim that we have dishonestly associated them with the BNP. I think that's unfair we just said they were both causing anger in the Muslim community by publishing the Danish cartoons. In fact the March for Free Expression people have gone further and printed a new cartoon on their blog.
They claim that their march is not targetted at the Muslim community, however their poster is a number of lego men backed by a Danish flag. They also say the fact that we are demonstrating is the "Greatest Compliment". So obviously they were attempting to upset us. They have also posted up a link to a site which has a "Muslim offense meter".
It is also interesting to note that the organisers have repeatedly avoided answering some pertinant questions about whether freedom of expression should include the following rights:
1) The right to insult the Queen?
2) The right to divulge state secrets?
3) The right to incite racial hatred?
4) The right to incite murder?
5) The right to incite religious hatred?
6) The right to glorify terror?
7) The right to slander people?

It seems quite clear that this demonstration is not about defending a right to freedom of expression but it just another opprtunity to attack Islam under the rubric that is uncivilised.

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